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Wire and pots(And a couple books)

The use of training wire is the fastest and most effective way to shape and refine coniferous bonsai trees. With skillful use of wire and ordinary tree can be transformed into a breathtaking bonsai and beauty is revealed. Tree design and wiring is also one of the most fun, creative and challenging aspects of the bonsai art.

Annealed copper training wire

This is the wire preferred by bonsai artists worldwide. Annealed copper wire is soft and bends easily when it is put on, but hardens once it is bent to provide superior holding strength with a smaller wire. Cannot be reused. Weathers to a very dark color over time.

#6 & #8 wire are used for heavy or stiff branches, usually a half inch or more in diameter, and may sometimes be used with a guy wire to hold the bend in place. #10 & #12 wire are for medium branches, between a quarter and a half inch in diameter, that are fairly flexible. #14 & #16 are for smaller branches. #18 is for very fine branchlets. A roll of #10, 12, 14 & 16 would usually be enough to wire 3-4 24-30" pines.

Prices per roll:

#6     25'      $44     Shipping: $11          #14     50'     $18     Shipping: $11

#8     25'      $34     Shipping: $11          #16     50'      $16      Shipping: $11

#10   50'      $36     Shipping: $11          #18     50'     $  12     Shipping: $11

#12   50'      $24     Shipping: $11

Several rolls will ship together for $11. Wire will usually ship with a tree for no additional shipping.

Blue horizons lead to many dreams.

Aluminium training wire

This is the wire usually used for workshops and for training fast-growing and deciduous species. It is preferred by many people because it is softer and easier to apply, and if removed carefully it can often be reused. Drawbacks are that, relative to copper, a larger diameter wire is needed for the same holding power and it tends to bleach to silver after a couple seasons of sun exposure. Shown are 1 kilo rolls of 3mm & 6mm, and a 100 g roll of 3mm.

Top to Bottom:

#2 pencil

#6 copper wire

#8 copper wire

#10 copper wire

#12 copper wire

#14 copper wire

#16 copper wire

#18 copper wire

Top to Bottom:

#2 pencil

6 mm aluminum wire  1 kg. =42'

5 mm aluminum wire  1 kg. =60'

4 mm aluminum wire  1 kg. =95'

3 mm aluminum wire  1 kg. =170'

#2 pencil

3 mm aluminum wire  100 g. =17'

2.5 mm aluminum wire  100 g. =24'

2 mm aluminum wire  100 g. =38'

1.5 mm aluminum wire  100 g. =68'

1 mm aluminum wire  100 g. =154'


All 1 kg. rolls are $35 ea. and $11 shipping.

All 100g. rolls are $5 ea. and $6 shipping.

Availability of sizes varies with supply.

Wire can usually be added to a tree or pot order without additional shipping.

Bonsai Soil

This is the soil I make and use for the trees I collect. The composition is: 50% pumice, 20% red lava, 20% pea gravel 5% bark, 5% charcoal, all screened to remove dust and fines. Comes in a resealable 6 mil plastic bag.

Small bag: $8, 2 for $15, 3 for $20. One bag is approx. 7 lbs and will completely fill a 10" x 7" x3" pot. Shipping: 1 or 2 bags priority mail $16. 3 bags, priority mail $22 (best deal).

Large bag: $18. Approx. 21 lb. will completely fill a 15"x12"x4" pot. Available at shows.

Cut Paste

This is the good stuff! Gray-brown color matches most conifer bark. Used to seal cracks and pruning cuts caused during training. Press some bark into the paste and disguise the scar completely! 160 g. jar will last for years.     Price: $18 Shipping: $4

Resin/plastic training pots

I like these pots for a variety of reasons; they're inexpensive, sturdy and lightweight. They're also attractive and properly proportioned for bonsai training. And since they're plastic, I can easily drill extra drainage and wiring holes wherever I want them. I use hundreds of these every year.

When ordered seperately the minimum order on plastic pots is 5 pots, in any size combination. When ordered along with tools or a tree, a pot can be ordered individually. A pot can often be packed along with a tree with minimal, or no, additional shipping.

L-132 pot. In stock

Size:  8.5"x5.7"x2.7"

Price $6

Shipping, 5 pots: $15

L-133 pot. In stock

Size:  10"x7x2.7"

Price $8

Shipping, 5 pots: $15

L-134 pot. In stock

Size:  12.5"x9x2.7"x3.5"

Price $14

Shipping, 5 pots: $20

1R oval pot. In stock

Size:  9.5"x7.5"x3"

Price $6.50

Shipping, 5 pots: $15

1R2 rectangular pot. In stock

Size:  15"x10"x4.6"

Price $12

Shipping, 5 pots: $25

1R rectangular pot. In stock

Size:  12.5"x9"x4.5"

Price $9

Shipping, 5 pots: $20

1R6 rectangular pot. In stock

Size:  20.5"x14.5"x7.6"

Price $30

Shipping, 5 pots: $50

Some Books

Principles of Bonsai Design.

By Dave DeGroot. Out of stock

An American classic by an American master.  Price $32   Shipping: $12

Keshiki Bonsai.

By Kenji Kobayashi. Out of stock

Fun bonsai projects anyone can do.

Price $18   Shipping: $6


By Stone Lantern. Out of stock

Everything about growing pines for bonsai.

Price $24   Shipping: $10


By Stone Lantern. Out of stock

Everything about growing junipers for bonsai.

Price $22   Shipping: $10

The Magician.

By Stone Lantern. Out of stock

The magical bonsai work of Master Kimura.

Price $20   Shipping: $10

Forest, Rock planting and Ezo spruce bonsai.

By Saburo Kato. Out of stock

One of my favorite bonsai books.

Price $21   Shipping: $10

Ponderosa Pines as Bonsai.

By Larry Jackel. Out of Stock

Check ABS online bookstore

The best book you can get on training ponderosa pines for bonsai.

Price $20   Shipping: $6

Wild for Bonsai.

By Andrew Smith.  Out Stock

Check ABS online bookstore

Everything I know about collecting, transplanting and caring for trees for bonsai.     Price $12   Shipping: $4